And Then There Were None!

Announcing the cast of And Then There Were None!

Rogers: Gary Felicetti

Mrs. Rogers: Maddie Duerr

Sybil Narracott: Peg Crawford

Vera Claythorne: Angela Kalamaras

Philip Lombard: Vincent (Vinnie) Ferry

Melanie Marston: Jacquelyn Ashcraft

William Blore: Larry Symanski

General MacKenzie: Jim Sharp

Emily Brent: Kathryn Cargill

Sir Lawrence Wargrave: Jim Stadt

Dr. Armstrong: Julie Zebleckis

Director: Ken Evans

Assoc Director: Lisa Glatz

Producers: Jean Friend and Margaret Pesquera

Play Dates: May 4,5,11,12  7:30  May 6 at 2:00

Palos Rec Center  8901 W 123rd St.

for tickets:  1-877-PVP-TIXS or 1-877-787-8497