Auditions for Rancho Mirage

Dec 10 and 11   7:30 p.m. All Saints Lutheran Church

13350 S. La Grange Road, Enter from rear parking lot

The Story:  Rancho Mirage is a bitingly funny black comedy about what happens when the fictions that hold our lives together are exposed. In this sharp and surprising sojourn into the psyche of modern-day America—where affluence is perhaps our greatest mirage—three couples, long-time friends, find themselves at a dinner party where everyone finally decides to tell the truth. RANCHO MIRAGE asks what connects us when our youth, our dreams, and our last bottle of wine are gone.

3 men  4 women

…[an] enlightening comic gem with raw realistic undertones…this rapid-fire comedy is a roller coaster of witty banter…Dietz crafts brilliance into his script…Dietz is a master when it comes to building tension into a scene and molds stunning twists and shocking curveballs into the plot…” —