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1959 Pink Thunderbird

The Palos Village Players are excited to present the cast for 1959 Pink Thunderbird!

Laundry and Bourbon and Lone Star are a combination of two one-act plays by James McClure, presented together under the title 1959 Pink Thunderbird.

Show Summary
In Laundry and Bourbon, Elizabeth and her pal Hattie spend their time folding laundry, enjoying bourbon and Coke, and delving into the juicy secrets of small-town life. Their cozy routine gets interrupted by the arrival of Amy Lee, a self-righteous acquaintance who can’t resist revealing that Elizabeth’s husband, Roy, has been seen with another woman. What follows is a conversation laced with bitter humor that brings forth Elizabeth’s resilience and her understanding of the inner turmoil Roy has faced since returning from Vietnam.
As for Lone Star, the setting shifts to the backyard of Angel’s, a local bar, where we encounter Roy, a once-revered high-school figure now grappling with a moody, macho demeanor as he tries to reclaim his place in the community post-Vietnam. Alongside him is his adoring younger brother, Ray. As Roy delves into a case of beer, he gradually unveils his unwavering affection for three prized elements: his country, his wife, and his cherished 1959 pink Thunderbird. The arrival of Cletis, the hardware store owner’s son, disrupts Roy’s world, unveiling unexpected conflicts that could prove devastating.


Laundry and Bourbon

Elizabeth: Avery Cole
Hattie: Isabel Anderson
Amy Lee: Jill Jeffrey

Roy: Brad Shortridge
Ray: Riley Shortridge
Cletis: Bryan Riess

Show dates:
February 23rd at 7:30pm, 24th at 7:30pm, 25th at 2:00pm
March 1st at 7:30pm, & 2nd@ 7:30pm.

Palos Park Recreation Center
8901 W 123rd Street, Palos Park

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