Arsenic and Old Lace Joseph Kesselring April/May 2016

Arsenic and Old Lace

Joseph Kesselring

April 29, 30 May 1, 6 and 7 2016


THE STORY: We meet the charming and innocent ladies who populate their cellar with the remains of socially and religiously “acceptable” roomers; the antics of their nephew who thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt; and the activities of the other nephew—these require no further description or amplification here. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE is a must for all nonprofessionals, a ready-made comedy hit.

Julie L Zebleckis Director
JoAnn Robertson Asst. Director
Jim Sharp Producer

Abby Brewster – Susan Ptasinski-Tempel
Martha Brewster – Mary Tuminello
Mortimer Brewster – Steve Hobe
Teddy Brewster – Ken Schaefer
Jonathan Brewster – Rick Baiker
Dr. Einstein – Ken Evans
Elaine Harper – Laura Starr
The Rev. Dr. Harper – Gary Felicetti
Officer O’Hara – Bob Szczepanski
Officer Brophy – Dan McMillan
Officer Klein – John Enright
Lieutenant Rooney – Jim Mazeika
Mr. Witherspoon – Gary Felicetti
Mr. Gibbs – Bob Szczepanski

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