Good People by David Lindsay-Abaire Nov 13, 14, 15 20 and 21

Good People by  David Lindsay-Abaire

Nov 13, 14, 15 20 and 21

Directed by Meghan Sterling
Asst Director: Lisa Glatz



Kevin Andryzak   Stevie
Lisa Giovenco Solomon   Margaret Walsh
Julie Zebleckis   Jean
LeeAnne Plamer    Dottie
Len Wcislo    Michael Dillon
Sabra Thomas   Kate Dillon

(Southie accent required for all roles except Kate)

Margie Walsh: Female Lead, 40s* – Struggling, single working mother to handicapped adult daughter, Joyce. Born in Southie, Margie will likely die there. Margie is rough around the edges, feisty, and a determined “almost” heroine.

Michael Dillon: Male, age appropriate to Margie* – “Mikey” got outta Southie, became a successful fertility doctor and lives in affluent Chestnut Hill; briefly dated Margie in high school. (Slight accent, but comes out heavily in some scenes)

Stevie: Male, 20s* – Margie’s manager of the local Dollar Store in Southie where she works. Margie knew Stevie’s mother when he was a boy.

Dottie: Female, 50s-60s* – Margie’s eccentric landlady, babysitter, and bingo-mate; has a terse relationship with Margie.

Jean: Female, age appropriate to Margie* – Margie’s best friend since childhood. Nicknamed “Mouthie of Southie” for her tendency to say exactly what’s on her mind.

Kate Dillon: Female, 20s-40s, African-American.

THE STORY: Welcome to Southie, a Boston neighborhood where a night on the town means a few rounds of bingo, where this month’s paycheck covers last month’s bills, and where Margie Walsh has just been let go from yet another job. Facing eviction and scrambling to catch a break, Margie thinks an old fling who’s made it out of Southie might be her ticket to a fresh new start. But is this apparently self-made man secure enough to face his humble beginnings? Margie is about to risk what little she has left to find out. With his signature humorous glow, Lindsay-Abaire explores the struggles, shifting loyalties and unshakeable hopes that come with having next to nothing in America.

Ticket  $18 Adult
$15 Senoirs/Students

Show dates:
November 13,14,20 and 21 at 7:30 p.m.
November 15 at 2:00 p.m.

Palos Park Rec Center
8901 W 123rd Street
Palos Park IL