Once Upon A Mattress




Music Mary Rodgers
Lyrics Marshall Barer
Book Jay Thompson
Marshall Barer
Dean Fuller
Basis Fairy tale The Princess and the Pea

The Story:  A love-sick nobleman seeking to marry his sweetheart does his best to find his ruling prince a suitable bride so that he himself may wed in this screen adaptation of the popular Broadway musical The Princess and the Pea. No one in Prince Dauntless’s kingdom is permitted to marry until the prince himself exchanges vows — a problem hindered by the fact that the prince’s overprotective mother, Queen Aggravain , has thus far thwarted all efforts to marry her son. This does not sit well with the honorable Sir Harry, a man whose heart longs to wed the fair Lady Larkin,and after a long and arduous journey specifically designed to find the prince a bride, Sir Harry returns to his kingdom to present Princess Winnifred of the swamps. Immediately stricken by the princess, Prince Dauntless sets into motion plans for a lavish wedding as his scheming mother cooks up a test that’s sure to send his marital plans awry.

Director: Steve Bell
Asst. Director: Linda Modell
Musical Director : Michael Barr
Choreographer: Patricia Diepen
Producer: Christine Haines

Musical numbers

Act I
  • Overture – Orchestra
  • Many Moons Ago – Minstrel
  • An Opening For a Princess – Prince Dauntless, Lady Larken, Ensemble
  • In a Little While – Sir Harry, Lady Larken
  • In a Little While (reprise) – Sir Harry, Larken
  • Shy – Princess Winnifred, Knights and Ladies
  • The Minstrel, the Jester, and I – Minstrel, Jester, King Sextimus
  • Sensitivity – Queen Aggravain, Wizard
  • The Swamps of Home – Princess Winnifred, Prince Dauntless, Ladies-in-Waiting
  • Normandy – Minstrel, Jester, Larken, King Sextimus
  • Spanish Panic – Orchestra, Ensemble
  • Song of Love – Prince Dauntless, Princess Winnifred, Ensemble
Act II
  • Entr’acte – Orchestra
  • Quiet – Queen Aggravain, Ensemble
  • Goodnight, Sweet Princess – Prince Dauntless (Revival only)
  • Happily Ever After – Princess Winnifred
  • Man to Man Talk – Prince Dauntless, King Sextimus
  • Very Soft Shoes – Jester
  • Yesterday I Loved You – Sir Harry, Lady Larken
  • Nightingale Lullaby – Nightingale of Samarkand
  • Finale – Prince Dauntless, Princess Winnifred, Queen Aggravain, King Sextimus, Ensemble

 Principal characters

Princess Winnifred Aimee Jarzembowski
Prince Dauntless Alex Earhart
Lady Larken Denise Wargowski
Sir Harry Dan Nivenger
Queen Aggravain Kim Brines
King Sextimus Bob Szczpanski
Jester Sarah  Callis
Wizard Nick Greanias
Minstrel David Bell
12th Princess Molly Ricker
Princesses Kelly Carevic
Lady Rowena Lucy Mahoney
Lady Merrill Joyce Eddy
Lady Lucille Janice Marco-Bottger
Lady Maybelle Kathy Janik
Men of the Court / Knights Rudy Chavez
Tom Greanias
Nightingale of Samarkand


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November 8, 9, 15, and 16 @ 7:30 p.m.
November 10 and 16 @ 2:00 p.m.
Palos Park Rec Center , 8901 W 123rd St.. Palos Park, IL 60664