Rehearsal for Death

“Rehearsal for Death”

Director: Mike Gandy

Asst Dir: Ellen Micotto
Producer: Christine Christine Beauregard Haines(5 Men; 1 Teen-aged male; 5 Women) Total Cast 11.
Role: Description:
Joyce Eddy                    Carrie Slate                           Combination janitress-custodian of the theater
Dodo Pomeroy            Yvonne Ambrose             Attractive and giddy matron
Lisa G  Soloman          Eve Westman                     Attractive and efficient director of the show.
Jim Sharp                        Herb Grant                          Owns/manages theater. Peggy’s “dad.”
Russle Egan                   Bobby Jackson                 A bit cynical for his young age.
Denise Wargowsky   Peggy Lester                       Attractive, alert ingénue.
Matt Walsh                     Phil Stanhope                     Peggy’s fiancé.
Bruce Fredrick            Charlie Witherspoon    Gossip columnist for local paper.
Molly Quinn                  Stella Carlisle                      Majestic,  typical star of the old school.
Ken Evans                       Tom Burke                             Police Inspector in a relationship with Eve.
Matthew Sukrowski   Carroll                                    Officer / Detective Age range: open

The play takes place in the era before television (late forties) in a small mid-western town. The “Rough Rapids Drama Group” is rehearsing a play starring “has-been” actress Stella Carlisle. A letter arrives threatening dire consequences if the play continues. The cast who include the local gossip columnist, a theater owner and respected business man, the ingénue and her fiancé, the town busy body, a smart-aleck teen and the stalwart director of the show, carry on despite the ominous threat. During rehearsal, a gun unexpectedly goes off and one of the cast is dead!

This whodunit which will keep you laughing and guessing
will be performed at the

Palos Park Recreational Center Nov. 9, 10, 11, 16 & 17.


by George Batson

There is to be a rehearsal of a play starring Stella, a has been actress, and a letter threatens dire consequences if the play continues. Among the actors are Peggy and her fiance Phil. There is also gossip columnist who loves Peggy and who threatens to expose something in Phil’s past life. At the crucial point in the “play” Phil is supposed to shoot Stella. The gun goes off and the columnist is dead. It is surmised that the bullet was meant for Stella. The police inspector finally gets the maid to confess she knows the killer’s identity and Phil is booked on suspicion of murder. With the others gone the murderer tries to get Peggy to take an overdose of pills, but she is saved. Her guardian is the murderer. He confesses, tries to escape but is cornered and commits suicide.

Nov. 9, 10, 11*, 16 and 17
Friday and Saturday 7:30 p.m.
Sunday Matinee 2:00 p.m.
at Palos Park Rec Center