The Lion in Winter

by James Goldman

The cast and crew has been one of the hardest working that I have had the pleasure to work with. Their effort and dedication to make this a spectacular production and their teamwork really showed through on and off the stage. I am blessed to have been associated with this production…………Len Wcislo, Producer

Strike Crew………………….
Christine Haines, Kevin Haines, Len Wcislo, Peg Crawford, Steve Bell, Ryan Bell, Matt Walsh, Jusin Haak, Randy Trull, Emily Portner, Sarah Callis, Holly Chernak, Renée Oglesby , Carl Erickson,Dave “Milhouse” Madonia,

Cast and Crew Pictures
by James Goldman

King Henry II of England has three sons by Eleanor of Aquitaine: Richard, Geoffrey, and John. He wants the kingdom to stay united after his death, but all three sons want to rule and it is likely to be torn apart by revolution. Henry favors the youngest son while Eleanor favors the eldest. The middle son hopes to play both ends against each other and come out on top. Henry would like to have another heir by his mistress, but that would only add to the contenders. Uneasy is the head on which the crown lies, and uneasy the truce between a matchless king and queen. This mundane history is glorified in language that is brilliant in its ability to characterize, its rhetorical impact, its actability, and its generative power. Few since Shakespeare have had such a marvelous gift for truly comic repartee.

Goldman “craves syllables as pleasantly as he does hides. Wear a windbreaker. There’s quite a gale.” N.Y. Herald Tribune.

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